Allergen Testing FAQs

Allergen Testing FAQs

1. What applications are the outline analyses applicable?

The allergen assays we offer are designed to validate the absence of the allergen in question.

They are not appropriate for food products which are known to contain the allergen in question.

In fact, if a sample contains more than 1% (10,000 ppm) of the allergen in question, the assay will be overwhelmed and give a false-negative result.

The assay is applicable on foodstuffs, rinse water, or environmental swab samples.

2. Do you offer environmental swabbing for allergens?

Yes – Your allergen management plan may include validating your cleaning procedure to proof its effectiveness in removing allergens.

Rinse water testing is also an option to ensure the effectiveness of cleaning in terms of allergen contamination.

You may perform this testing on-site yourself, however, if you desire documented third party results, you may schedule us to perform this survey.

Please contact us to discuss the price and availability of this service.


3. Do you offer any other alleren assays?

Yes – below is a list of assays available upon request (additional charges may apply):

Allergen Assay Allergen Assay Allergen Assay
Almond Crustacea Peanut
Brazil Nut Hazelnut Sesame
Lactoglobulin Lupin Total Milk
Cashew/Pistachio Macadamia Nut Walnut
Coconut Mustard Whole Egg