Murray-Brown Laboratories Welcomes You

At Murray-Brown Laboratories we believe that analyzing your product goes beyond the test results.  We go to great lengths to operate in an approachable manner, promoting an open partnership which allows you, our Customer, to have complete confidence in our expertise, ethics, and the analytical results and services that we provide.

We are an independent testing laboratory specializing in the analysis of food, other edible products, and drinking water for our customers who manufacture or supply a variety of commodities to the general public and who are concerned with the safety of those products.

We have extensive experience in the areas in which we perform analyses and we consider the quality of our processes and final test results to be of the utmost importance in our daily operation.  Our Customers have come to rely on and expect this high level of quality and service from us.  If you have any questions regarding our processes, please do not hesitate to ask.

John Murray  |  Owner  |  Chemist

Brenda Brown  |  Owner  |  Microbiologist

Brenda Brown

John Murray has been working in the lab since he was a child, pitching it at his grandfather’s Indianapolis pharmacy.  John’s strong, heartland work ethic inspires everything we do here at Murray-Brown Laboratories, building great teams to solve the food safety and environmental problems our customers face every day.  John’s sense of pride goes above and beyond providing accurate and timely results and interpretation, to forging strong partnerships with our customers that surpass typical food lab relationships.

A proficient and enthusiastic outdoorsman, when he isn’t solving customers’ food safety problems, John can be found spending time hunting and fishing with his wife & son, or smoking or BBQ-ing his fish or game.

John received his degree in Chemistry from IUPUI in 1980.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership in business.

-John Murray & Brenda Brown

Brenda has spent her career bringing a unique combination of focus on details, and big picture thinking to her role as part owner and Lead Microbiologist at Murray-Brown Laboratories.  Brenda wears a lot of lab coats from designing, overseeing, carrying out, and interpreting complex challenge studies to writing procedures to maintaining their ISO 1705:2005 Accreditation, but she would not have it any other way.  Her hard work, dedication, and wide ranging knowledge of food product risk and testing lets customers know that in Brenda, they have a true partner.

When she isn’t saving the day, or making sure customers are happy and well-cared-for, you can find Brenda skiing in the winter and riding her dirt bike in the summer.

Brenda earned her degree in Microbiology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2002.