Murray-Brown Laboratories Complaint Handling Process

Step 1:  Complaint is Received and Added to Complaint Log

Step 2:  Complaint is Investigated

Step 3:  Appropriate Resolution(s) are Identified and Implemented


  • Whenever possible, the laboratory will provide the complainant:
    • receipt of the complaint
    • progress reports
    • the outcome
    • formal notice of the end of the complaint handling process

Confidentiality Disclosure:  Information about MBL Customer obtained from sources other than the Customer (i.e. Complainant or regulator) shall be confidential between MBL Customer and MBL.  The source provider (i.e. Complainant or regulator) of this information shall be confidential to MBL and shall not be shared with the Customer, unless agreed by the source provider.

Revised 04-2020 Murray-Brown Quality Management System