As one of the most widely used products across the world pesticides are an effective substance to control pests that may be harmful to cultivated plants. Due to the extremely common practice of using pesticides people can be exposed to low levels and as such suffer from a large range of risks between minor irritation to compromising the nervous system. The EPA has set their own policies that dictate the Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) in products and these regulations are in place to protect the public and the environment. Testing is very important in order to provide accurate and defensible data that ensures a toxin free product. 

Platform: UPLC/MS/MS (FDA)

Limit of Detection: 10 PPB

Sample Size: 10 grams minimum

Days to Result: 5

Cost: $150

Action Limits set by California Prop 65:

  • NSRL 0.2 µg/Day
  • MADL 140 µg/day