Background:  This analysis is used as a determination of the amount of salt, expressed in %, in the form of sodium chloride (NaCl).



Turn Around Time

Sample Required

Type of Test

Reportable Units

Measurement Range

AOAC 935.43, 935.47, 937.09, 960.29 Chloride in Cheese, Meat, Seafood, Butter


5 to 10 Business Days

2.5 to 10 grams is analyzed from a homogenized sample


% Salt

Salt Lower Detection Limit:  0.01 % Salt

Analysis Description:  Sample undergoes preparation which releases the salt for detection; appropriate preparation is selected based upon the sample matrix.

The chloride ions present in the sample extraction solution are titrated with a silver nitrate solution and back titrated with potassium thiocyanate to a colorimetric endpoint.

This analysis presumes all of the chloride present is from NaCl and will not differentiate between other sources of Cl including KCl, CaCl, etc.