Fat, Total

Background:  This analysis is used as a determination of the amount of total, or crude, fat in a sample, calculated and expressed in %.



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AOAC 991.36-Soxtec Solvent Extraction  ISO Accredited


5 Business Days

About 3 grams is analyzed from a homogenized sample

Solvent Extraction

% Fat

Lower Detection Limit:  0.1 % Fat

Total Fat via Soxtex Extraction Unit

Analysis Description:  Petroleum ether, a solvent, is used to extract soluble matter, crude fat, from samples of various, complex matrices.

Samples to be analyzed are weighted into thimbles and inserted into the Extraction Unit.  After solvent addition to the extraction cups, the soluble material is extracted into the solvent in a two stage processed followed by solvent recovery cycle.  Finally the extraction cups are dried and weighed, and a percentage of the total fat in the sample is calculated and reported.