Protein, Total

Background:  One of the most significant nutritional components of food is protein.  The accurate and precise determination of protein not only plays a role in the characterization of nutritional or dietary value in food materials but is also key to the economic value of these materials.

Protein in foods is calculated using the measured nitrogen in the sample and a multiplier based on the food matrix.



Turn Around Time

Sample Required

Type of Test

Reportable Units

Measurement Range

AOAC 991.36 LECO Combustion Method  ISO Accredited

LECO TruSpec N Nitrogen Determinator

5 to 10 Business Days

Up to 1 gram is analyzed from a homogenized sample


% Protein

Protein Lower Detection Limit:  0.1 % Protein

Analysis Description:  High temperature combustion is used for the extraction of nitrogen.  Samples are thoroughly combusted in the primary side of a dual heat zone resistance furnace; undesired by products of the combustion process are removed in the secondary zone.  The primary furnace temperature of 950°C combined with an editable oxygen flow rate allows the complete reduction of the material.