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We are a Denver-based ingredient & final product testing laboratory whose top priorities are providing state-of-the art testing capabilities which yield accurate results while providing unmatched customer serviced designed to guide you through the testing experience in a manner as painless as possible.

Products We Test

We analyze all kinds of sample matrices intended for human and pet consumption including, but not limited to: ready-to-eat foodstuffs, oven-ready foodstuffs, baked goods, meat, produce, spices, condiments, butters, dressings, beverages, bone broths, and more.

We also analyze supplements and nutraceuticals, as well as other matrices such as detergents, soaps, and other specialized chemicals.

Clients We Serve

Our customers come from all walks of production, including slaughter facilities, ranches, farms, kitchens, co-packers, and production facilities, and represent operations of all sizes.  Whether you are a single person operation, or multi-facility operation, our services are invaluable from inception of your product to store shelves to the consumer’s table.  We serve the local Denver community, as well as customers nation-wide.

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

for Biological and Chemical Testing

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