Perhaps you need to determine the Water Activity and/or pH of your product to determine is potentially hazardous food status.  Other common chemical properties of your product such as Total Fat, Total Moisture, and/or Total Protein are frequently required to meet your company’s quality standards. We have a host of Chemical Analyses in our Library which allow us to identify and quantify different types of physical deterioration as well as determine your products’ susceptibility to microbial deterioration.

We can help determine which analyses you should perform on your particular product and how to use the resulting data to assess, and furthermore, to increase the quality and safety of the product you prepare.

Nutrition Facts Panels

We can develop nutrition facts panels for most all types of food products.  By providing us with a few key details about your product under 100% confidentiality, we can quickly and efficiently provide you with a fully compliant nutrition facts panel for your product.  Your nutrition facts panel will reflect all required information including the proper serving size, servings per container, and nutrients, vitamins & minerals.